how to deal with breakup

How to Deal with Breakup

Are you going through the post breakup stage? Unable to bear the breakup pain? Then this article is right for you. In this article we will discuss that how to deal with the breakup symptoms. Let’s have a look.

During relationship we are involved very much emotionally and/or physically. Then when the relation does not work out, it is a sudden shock for us. We cannot understand what to do next. Many types of thoughts pop up in our mind. Why with me? What wrong I did? And many more questions.

Identify Breakup Symptoms

The saddest truth is the pain after breakup is so deep that no pain killer medicine can give relief. Because it is emotional pain that is related with mind, the impact of the pain is different. The common symptoms that are usually seen after breakup are

  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Lack of sleep or too much sleep
  3. Fatigue
  4. Lack of concentration
  5. Lack of motivation in life
  6. Sometimes, pain all over body
  7. Headache
  8. Thoughts about ending the life
  9. Lack of trust on people
  10. Feeling of worthlessness
  11. Anxiety
  12. Depression

Now the question is, does all symptoms will be present? The answer is obviously no. The symptoms can be of mild, moderate or severe based on the impact one has on mind after breakup.

Not only that, the number of symptoms that will show up can be of different intensity. One can have only one or two symptoms, or can have many other symptoms.

How long breakup symptoms will persist

The strange part is that how long the breakup symptoms will persist will also vary from person to person. There is no clear cut time frame. One can not say that how long the symptoms will persist.

Many people can cope up with the breakup phase and recovers early. But there are some who are unable to handle the symptoms and bears the pain even after years!

Impact of breakup

Breakup has so much impact that people suffer not only in their body and mind, but they also suffer in terms of other relations, career, study, future plans, etc. Suddenly it feels that everything is halted. People blame to themselves for loving someone, they are literally pissed off. The deeper the love, there is more breakup pain.

Love is a wonderful feeling, but when there is breakup, it is the worst feeling. When we are in love, we have so many positive emotions, but after breakup all these positive emotions turn into negative emotions.

How to deal with breakup

As breakup has deep impact on our body and mind, so breakup phase should not be taken lightly. It is true that time heals everything, but there are few organized ways through which one can lessen the pain and recovers early from breakup trauma. These are the following

Accept the reality

It is most hard thing to accept the reality, so train your mind to accept the reality. Sit back, take time, consider the other aspects, but accept the reality, eventually you will feel better.

It may take days or even weeks to accept the truth, but try to tell your mind everyday every moment that yes, it is over. Something better is waiting for you. Someone better is waiting for you. Believe it.

For that, just after breakup do not throw out the pictures and memories of your partner, take time. Whenever something related to that relationship comes in your mind or in front of your eyes, speak to yourself that yes, it is over. Keep only the good memories and move on. Gradually you will find the pain will not persist, only the scar will be there.

Sharing is helpful

Sharing is helpful to remove the stress and sadness. Try to share your feeling with someone who is very close to you, maybe your friend, family, etc. If you are hesitating to talk about it, go to any social platforms and express your feeling and tell your story anonymously. Yes, you can share your feelings in Quora, Reddit! You will feel better.  

Cry and Cry

Pour your pain into tears. Cry as much until you feel better. If as a man you feel uncomfortable, go to washroom and cry. Wipe out everything from within.

Trust the process

When something happens to us, we cannot see the good immediately, but God has some bigger plan. With time you will realize that life is going better. Trust the process. Healing takes time. But you should have the conscious effort to get over of it.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important. Try to do exercise in every morning or evening, be it jogging, walking, cycling, etc. Do the exercise which you feel you are comfortable with. Try to spend some time with nature. Eat healthily and try to sleep at least 7-8 hours. Research shows that when we lead a healthy lifestyle, it is easier for our body to overcome any stress or trauma.

Try to utilize your energy in productive works

In post breakup stage, we feel that someone is taking all the energy from us. From inside, we feel very lonely. In this time, try to discover yourself. Try to find out your inner passion, try to add value to your daily life.

You can explore new passion or can resume the old one. But engage yourself in productive activities, such as painting, learning music, dancing, etc. You may just start a new business or new job and give your 100% into it.

Avoid negative thoughts

When you are going through post breakup stage, many negative emotions will come out. Try to avoid negative people, negative thoughts. Do not listen sad songs or any song that can remind you that person. Try to listen energetic songs that can give you positive vibes. Explore all the possibilities in life.

Move on in life

You are not alone who has gone through the breakup symptoms. So, the most important thing is to understand to move on in life. We have only one life, what happened is happened, why to waste life just by thinking of that person, why that happened to you, etc.

Learn from your mistakes and move on. A bright future is waiting for you. Dance with the life. Every step cannot be correct, but for that you cannot stop dancing. Try to make it better next time. Stay happy and healthy.


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