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how to deal with breakup

How to Deal with Breakup

Are you going through the post breakup stage? Unable to bear the breakup pain? Then this article is right for …
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Midlife Crisis

Middle age crisis! Also known as midlife crisis. A very commonly used rather misused term. We have seen many times …
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5-ways-to-uplift-low-mood-in-bad weather

Can’t cope with weather? 5 easy ways to uplift mood in bad weather

Weather has high impact on our mood. Low mood in bad weather is very common and natural. Scientifically it is …
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Anxiety: Impact and Solution

With present situation of both omicron and covid 19 surge, most of the people worldwide are facing anxiety. We all …
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Staying calm and peaceful from inside

If someone say I am very much calm and peaceful from inside even after my boss slammed me, will you …
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How covid 19 pandemic changed us? Are you aware of?…

Experts say pandemic comes in a century and when comes, changes a lot! Yes, even covid 19 pandemic changed us …
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Impact of weather on mood

Impact of Weather On Our Minds

Covid 19 pandemic made us more close to nature. During the lockdown, have you noticed how weather impacts your mind? …
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11 Ways to Overcome Sadness

Sadness an Emotion Sadness a word comes with lots of emotions! Yeah, individually everyone relates to the word Sadness with …
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