Staying calm and peaceful from inside

If someone say I am very much calm and peaceful from inside even after my boss slammed me, will you believe? Hard to believe right? But it is possible to stay calm and peaceful from inside. The situation is like when someone achieves the inner peace and calm from inside, then even in any hell situation one can still stay calm and peaceful from inside.

Trust us, if you too try to stay calm and peaceful from inside; you will found it is a quality that can keep you more happy, productive and energetic. Staying calm and peaceful from inside will then be your priority. You will find yourself free from depression and anxiety.

Everyday incidents impact on our mind

Just sharing one incident many can correlate. It was a sunny morning. I was really in a pleasant and peaceful mind. For the last few days I had much work pressure due to a project. Ultimately, I submitted the project late night before going to bed. At last I got a chance to sleep. It was the early morning, was fully drained from inside, but still I was feeling very calm and peaceful from inside as my work was finished.

As due to Covid situation it was work from home, so in the morning I joined the online office few hours lately. For some unnecessary reasons my boss was rude to me! You know how this feels! You couldn’t say anything, just a frustration comes. You stay agitated and if you keep brooding on it like me then obviously you ultimately harm yourself. You are disturbing your inner peace and that impacts us more than we thought. Do you face the same issue?

Impact of peaceful mind in our life

Now this restless and agitated mind harms us mostly. When you actually realize the exact impact of these negative emotions the frustrations, agitations within you, you immediately want to come out from it. It is not that easy as we think. With this frustration and agitation people lose so many things.

Why saying so? Because when someone is restless and agitated from inside then it causes lots of damage both in professional and personal life. I know that happens, so finding the impact I just started to write down my daily schedule so that I can track it.

By the way it’s a good habit, you can try too. Then within a week I found that when I am calm and peaceful from inside I achieved 95%–98% of my daily goals, whereas when I am agitated from inside I am just messing up the whole! That day I decided that I will at least try to change the habit.

Staying calm and peaceful from inside possible for a regular person?

So I started to find out is it possible to stay calm and peaceful from inside?! I had a concept that it will be very difficult as I am not a meditation or yoga type person. I am just an average American type. So what I found? Initially you will find it next to impossible. But honestly it is possible. Just imagine someone is barking on you but you are still in a peaceful mind and calm from inside.

Effect of peaceful mind

Why peaceful mind is needed for all the time? First and foremost it’s the only medicine for health. Most of our health issues can be avoided only by maintaining a healthy mind. When you have peace within you then you are more prone to success. But yes achieving this not really is a single day process.

Depending on people, it took almost one to three months to get into the initial stage of getting inner peace. But truly when you start to feel the inner peace, you will understand how priceless the feeling is! Why people ask for inner peace. It is true that even then some incidents make people vulnerable, but the intensity decreases. The impact decreases. So how to achieve it?

If you really want to be successful in life and really want to achieve your dream then you should have to achieve the inner peace first. Because when you are calm and peaceful from inside you will be able to give your 100% in anything and that’s the most important thing in today’s life irrespective of your profession. If you realize the importance of this inner peace you will do it for your own.

Eight ways to stay calm and peaceful from inside

Firstly to achieve the calm and peaceful mind as a common people you will have to find out the obstacles in this path. I mean in personal level you will have to find out why for you achieving mental peace is difficult. Then will have to try to remove the cause. Sounds difficult? As an example in my case it was my boss! Always shouting without a reason. So I ended up deciding not taking him seriously and it worked for me magically. Nowadays, he is shouting on others more than me. Today will tell you how you can do it too.

Taking care of body —

Taking care of our own body is the most vital to stay in a healthy mind. Healthy mind helps to stay clam and peaceful from inside. Now for taking care of body I wanted to mean the whole thorough daily care from a healthy diet to adequate sleep for every day.

You know our body responds very quickly to any changes. So when for some reason you are disturbed it will automatically try to cope up with the situation and if you have a healthy body, the body will itself help you to stay happy.

Give yourself time —

When you face some unexpected incident that takes your peace, just take a pause… If you have very little time then just withdraw yourself for maybe 2/3 minutes. Write down your feelings in a piece of paper, bring out all your words even slang. Don’t be miser, just write straight from your heart.

After finishing the writing, read it again and again. Then either burn the paper into ash or flash it. You will discover 60% of your frustration will vanish. This is a very effective way to be calm and peaceful from inside even at a very bad time. Try it once and let us know how it worked for you.

Stay positive —

Never ask yourself ‘what if’ in such situations. Rather think ‘never will’. I know its difficult but possible, just you need an urge. Staying positive is the best way when you know it will help you.

Give yourself the priority —

Yes, you will have to give yourself the top most priority in any and every situation. Your top most priority should be you! Not even your spouse or children because if you are calm and peaceful from inside only then you can help them better. So give yourself priority and when you will start to prioritize self you will be able to eliminate the negative people, interruptions from your life.

Learn to divert your mind —

I personally found it toughest to achieve but after you learn it, the rest is really easy. Now the question is how you can divert your mind? Please a beer mug can’t help in it! The best way to divert your mind is to choose something to do that you love to do most, anything engaging.

You can even try to learn something new to divert your mind! Now this is really a personal choice and will vary from person to person. You will have to decide what will work best for you to divert your mind…

Learn to trust yourself —

Many times confusion creates irritation in our mind and with our insecurities we become restless and actually hamper our mental peace. So learn to trust on self. Maybe sometimes for some situation you will have to go few steps back but that is not the end. As successful people say, even any failure can give new beginning. So trust on yourself. If you have any confusion discuss with expert or even with your elders but learn to trust self.

Share with your trusted ones —

Nowadays its said that sharing is caring. But its true that when you are in a sad mood then sharing with your trusted ones give you a relief and peace to your mind. Try it.

Don’t give others so much importance —

If you think logically no one is supreme in this world. Not even our president! Jokes apart every one has the higher authority irrespective of their field and profession. So don’t give anyone such importance that when they say something can hurt you. No one can be more important than your well-being. So from next time when someone will shout on you keep in mind we have two ears— one for entering words and the other is for exit of those words!

Here we mentioned the best possible way to overcome the inner agitation and frustration that takes our valuable time. Once we can win over these negative emotions, one can find themselves really free and peaceful. So always consider to stay positive and calm, it heals our body. In this pandemic time this healing is necessary. Stay healthy and happy.


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