Anxiety: Impact and Solution

With present situation of both omicron and covid 19 surge, most of the people worldwide are facing anxiety. We all know the anxiety impact but at the same time it is difficult to get out from anxiety. So what is the solution of your anxiety.

Are you anxious? Yes, we are throwing this question to our readers. If your answer is YES then don’t move, read till the end and if your answer is No, then you may ask why this topic?! Because we consider you as my family and statistics saying anxiety disorders are the most common and the most emerging issue of mental illness all over the world.

The statistics!

If you are regular reader of our post, you know it is very rare that we start with statistics. But what else we could do for anxiety? The importance to treat this anxiety is lying in the stat!

As per the report of Anxiety And Depression Association of America anxiety disorders affecting more than 40 million adults in the United States of America only, which is 18.1% of the population every year. Every one out of five people have anxiety disorders. Isn’t it alarming? Most sad part of the whole thing is that only 36.9% of the affected receive treatment although anxiety disorders are highly treatable.

Anxiety and present situation

It is true that covid 19 pandemic has given most of us numerous reasons to be anxious. But still anxiety is a problem; and we must agree it is a problem that is not really easy to resolve. With time anxiety increases and becomes worse.

So please if you have the anxiety, wait and try to take action against anxiety. Consider the fact that, if you are anxious, nothing is going to change; but you will loose the opportunity to solve the issue in a better way. Because during anxiety our intelligence do not work properly as it does during cool mind! You can check how you can stay calm and peaceful from inside. So that anxiety will be within the limit and gradually will be less.

Now you can say there are different serious issues that make us anxious. Yes, we also agree with you. In fact the most important thing is anxiety is not any physical health issue, not even it is a mental issue. So what is it?! Medically anxiety is called a symptom. It is such a symptom that can be controlled and easy to control.

But if you are not conscious about the situation and do not control it, it may cause serious mental illness and other physical issues too. Yes, uncontrolled anxiety can lead to sadness, depression, fatigue and lot more other health issues. Now you must be thinking are you one of them? Let’s check out!

What is anxiety

We started this writing about saying the statistics but to understand in depth first we will have to understand what exactly anxiety is! This is important because many times we confuse the other mental illness as anxiety issue.

Anxiety is a normal emotion like all other emotions. In our daily life we feel anxious for so many times like your boss suddenly calling! Or you are going to appear for a job interview or someone is anxious because his child is ill etc. etc. These are part of our common life. So if you have something like this, then it is fine up to a limit.

Bad effects of anxiety–

When the problem is over your anxiety will automatically vanish. But if it’s not the scene then be cautious, you maybe suffer with anxiety disorder. It is true that anxiety is very correlated with other mental illness like depression (most common) but that’s not eternal truth.

Now what is anxiety disorder? If with the removal of the cause you are still feeling distressed with silly or no cause then one should be aware. Because prevention is better than cure. Actually there are many mental illness that creates anxiety disorder as a primary symptom. Anxiety disorder is something when with a very silly or practically with no cause you feel panicked, stay in fear and uneasiness. So there are five major types of anxiety disorders

  • Specific phobias-Most common in US where there is a fear and anxiety for a particular object or some situations.
  • Social anxiety disorder – Also called social phobia when one feels overwhelming worry and self-consciousness on everyday general social situations.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder(GAD)-characterized by chronic anxiety, exaggerated worry with tension for almost little or even no cause. Due to hormonal facts women are twice more prone to this GAD than men.
  • Panic disorder – This is a bit complex situation when one suddenly feels terror strikes.

Why it should have to control–

You must be thinking why saying all these in detail , so that if something like this occurs with you in a primary stage you can get rid of. Now you may think are all these anxiety disorders come in a single day? The answer is no.

You first became anxious like normal people then degree of anxiety increases and sometimes you even don’t understand when it takes a form of disorder! So whenever you feel anxious ask yourself is it valid to be anxious? In our daily life even we are anxious for some reason. To overcome the anxiety remove the cause of anxiety as soon as possible. Because as a whole anxiety is very bad for our health, it’s far more dangerous than to be sad. When we are anxious, a hormone is released in our body called Adrenaline. This hormone is called emergency hormone and it acts like an emergency situation (can you remember you read about it in the 8th standard?) raised in the body. So for a long run its awful for health. So what you can do? Remove the cause if possible. Because that will save both your body and mind.

Degree of anxiety–

To know how to control anxiety first you have to understand when you need to control it? As I already said if your anxiety is more than normal, your surrounding people will tell you, don’t ignore them. Or if you found that it’s persisting few more hours even after the reason is solved then it’s time to control anxiety. So after reading this article you already have a common knowledge now evaluate if your anxiety is normal or it’s a problem? If it’s a problem then it should be controlled. Giving an example like your school project submission is near and you are trying to overcome your anxiety just by avoiding it as you haven’t worked on it. That case your anxiety is normal in fact trying to overcome it can create issue!

How to control anxiety–

Now it’s the most tough part how to control or overcome anxiety? For that we need to know the reason of anxiety. Though the cause of anxiety problems or anxiety disorder are not really very well-known. But as research shows it can be due to various causes from genetic disorder to environmental stress. Now if your anxiety problem is due to stress then it can be controlled very simply with the help of some methods and techniques. But if these anxiety problems are due to some genetic issue or a chemical changes in the brain then only medication and other medical counseling can help. But yes without bearing this anxiety anybody can lead a stress free normal life after taking a proper step. I guarantee. These are the few tips that are helpful—

  • If you are in the borderline then cut down the caffeine consumption like chocolates, coffee, tea, etc. because they aggravate the anxiety problems.
  • Eat right and exercise. Exercising like jogging or biking helps in releasing anti stress chemicals.
  • Sleep best because a good sleeping helps to repair the stress problems and thus it improves anxiety problem.
  • Meditation also helps to control anxiety issues even in an advanced stage.
  • Music is considering nowadays as a tonic in anxiety problems. So listen more soothing music.

After taking all the above steps if still the problem persists then probably you need a medical help, so go to the doctor.


Talked so many about anxiety. In the post covid 19 pandemic we are living in a really tough situation. All of us have some causes that are enough for anxiety. But as I said anxiety can not help the problem. But it will impact your life in a negative way. So follow the above tips so that you will never face an anxiety problem. One more thing, do not be anxious about thinking anxiety. Rather face it and you will find your self in a better position. Stay healthy and happy.


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