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DoctorOnHealth is Committed To Provide Best Working Experience

DoctorOnHealth is a place where health experts and doctors pen down health and medical information. We are committed to providing complete and correct information to our readers. For that purpose, we make an effort and work as a team. We are very happy and excited to expand our working team. We always appreciate the efforts of our team members.

Our Working Culture

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Stress Free 

Work Schedule

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Dynamic Work Environment

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Flexible Working Hours

We strongly believe that the work environment should be stress free for all. Especially it is vital for health providers to stay stress free. So at DoctorOnHealth, we are committed to providing our employees the best working space they can imagine for.

Recruitment Policy

  • We never ask for your CV on our website. Once any candidate fills up the form on our website, we ask for the CV and other necessary documents through our official mail address So once you filled the form, please check your mail. It usually takes 3 to 5 working days. Your Data is protected with us.
  • We believe in Talent and Equal Employment Opportunity. So we retain, develop and promote the most eligible candidates regardless of their race, color, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, citizenship, age, etc., or any such unethical parameters. WE BELIEVE IN EQUALITY AND QUALITY.
  • Please bear in mind, for the recruitment process, we only consider the eligibility of the Candidate. So do not mail or message regarding this issue. Once you get selected, we contact through our registered official mailing address.
  • When applying for any of the posts, please consider that we ask for all the academic and other corresponding details of the Candidate, including for all health experts and doctors. These documents you provide willingly are for verification. Also, note we verify each record thoroughly to ensure the credibility of the Candidate.
  • The verification process of documents provided by the Candidate takes us some time. So once you applied, please wait for 45 days. During this period, please do not reapply.
  • Please consider applying for a job doesn’t guarantee the job because recruitment is solely based on the vacancy of the posts and required credibility for that particular vacancy.
  • Please consider for any kind of employment or associated process, DoctorOnHealth (or never asks for any kind of money in any form. If anyone asks for money, registration fee, etc., in the name of DoctorOnHealth, please file a report to your nearest law enforcement. 

Want to Join?

Interested to join our team? Please, before applying for any post, read our Recruitment Policy once and only then apply. To apply, fill-up the form below with the required details

Write For Us

We understand health experts are supposed to serve people with their excellence. So when we are looking for Writers who are registered health experts, we are not expecting the writing skills. We want the correct knowledge and expertise in their subject. For writing skills, we help and guide them to this journey of pen down their knowledge. So do not need to worry about that writing skill.

We ensure the comfort of our writers, and at the same time, we are committed to providing our readers the best possible information. So, there is always a pre-publish checking. We encourage our writers to avail our Library and Resources whenever needed.

Our Content Policy encourages our writers to provide the essential resources of their writing to our readers.

If you are a registered health expert and want to write for us, please fill-up the form below.

Career Opportunities

DoctorOnHealth only recruits through our company HR team. The selection process is done solely by the DoctorOnHealth HR Team. DoctorOnHealth is not associated with any third party recruiters or any Agency. For vacancy related news you can follow us on our social profiles.