About DoctorOnHealth – DoctorOnHealth

Our Background

Based in India, we are a small team of doctors and health experts collaborating with a team of established doctors worldwide. Our doctors and health professionals are specialized in their respective Specialty and Super Specialty subjects. All of them have years of experience in their fields. For alternative treatments such as Ayurvedic treatment, home remedies, Acupressure, etc. we are collaborating with Ayurvedic Doctors (Known as Vaidya in India) and other experienced experts. We are happy to mention that many of our team members are even attached to the world’s topmost universities like Harvard, Stanford, Royal College, etc.  

India is a treasure land of thousands homey tricks and techniques (commonly known as Nuska) to cure diseases from very ancient times. Indians get these knowledges generation over generation from their seniors; sometimes even in the form of tradition and heritage. Even today, these homey techniques are very useful, in fact, many times lifesaving too. But these techniques are not that way discussed or talked about in public. We want to share these techniques with the rest of the world so that they can also get the benefits from them.

Our Core Principles:

  1. We are bringing 100% correct and updated medical information anyone can rely upon.
  2. We believe in transparency. So whatever article, pieces of the medical information we publish on our website, we prefer to mention all the sources of those informations. Certainly, many times for doctors and other health professionals these are their theory books during course, research articles, etc. but still we mention all. If any reader wants to check in more detail they can go through the resources.
  3. We will always prioritize our readers and their benefits and will never publish anything only for the sake of profit.
  4. Our readers are our priority so we don’t promote anything that we haven’t tested by our own. Not even we promote any affiliate link on this website.

Our Mission

“Provide accurate and completely updated medical information and health related knowledge responsibly”

We all know any disease doesn’t become critical or severe on the first day. Not even any disease reaches its advanced stage overnight. The truth is that our body gives signals, but we ignore them. Study shows 98% cases if the disease gets attention in an early stage it can be cured completely. The study also shows 73% of people ignore their health-related issues just because they don’t want to spend on them. Doctoronhealth will help by providing detailed and complete information from registered health experts so that anyone can get cured at home in an early stage of any diseases.

We want to reach every individual in this world with the help of technology. We believe health-related information and knowledge should exist on an open and free source basis. We discuss every health topic individually so that someone who is suffering and not able to access/seeks any medical help can get some relief. Yes, as belong from the same field we know this temporary relief is not always possible or good. But in 87% of cases, the possible risk is lower than 48%!

Here we should mention we are not going to replace or substitute any professional help. Because none can replace the effort, knowledge, skills any health professional builds during their rigorous course. It’s just an attempt to make this world medical error-free.

Any qualified health professional when treating any patient personally has a more humanistic and personal level approach. But here we go through the general approach.

We recommend here generic drugs individually for each discussed health topic. But truth is that every generic drug has various applications in different diseases. So for many diseases many times professional experts use a combination of drugs or even a combination of health treatment processes. That is required.

We believe nothing can replace the human approach or direct human interventions/interactions for any treatment. Because as said any lifeless machine can’t give life to a living body.

Our Vision

We believe Health For Everyone. We want to reach every individual in this world so that everyone will at least get the basic treatment on their own. Because worldwide many people don’t even get the basic health facilities till date.

Our main aim is to provide correct updated medical information and related healthcare information to all for free, who need it in their dire time. Sometimes many simple tricks can be lifesaving.