11 Ways to Overcome Sadness

Sadness an Emotion

Sadness a word comes with lots of emotions! Yeah, individually everyone relates to the word Sadness with an emotion of pain or sorrow; many times sadness brings the memory of our untold bad experience, sorrow, grief, many untold feelings, disbelief, loss….. Let us know in the comments section of our social platform what comes to your mind first with this word sadness!

People easily relate the sadness with depression. Especially nowadays when we all are a bit aware of depression, whenever we hear sadness the first thing that comes to mind is depression. But that’s not the right too.

Here by sadness I mean the real sadness, not mandatory related to depression. Yes, prolonged sadness can lead to depression but sadness is an emotion too. Although it’s not a pleasant emotion to stay with or sometimes we are so sad that we couldn’t even realize that we should have to overcome that sadness.

Importance to Overcome Sadness

You can’t find anyone who has never experienced sadness or hasn’t gone through some bad times and feeling sad. Isn’t? So you must be thinking why to overcome it? Because being sad is really not a good thing. Don’t take it wrong, but whatever the reason is behind sadness we should never pause with our sorrows.

Otherwise, maybe after 10/12 years later you will discover you lost so much of your prime time in sadness. Because being sad makes us less productive. So it’s really not important when and how you were sad or if at present you are suffering sadness. Rather, it’s more important how you overcome that sadness. It’s really doesn’t matter what sorrow you have gone through, how much sadness do you have rather it’s more important to consider how you can come up from sadness. So let’s start.

11 Ways to Overcome Sadness

Admit your sorrow

Many of us don’t even admit our pain! Like very common example is like a very bad breakup. I have seen many of my friends after a bad break up they pretended like it never affected them and like they are not sad at all but actually the reality was different. So first admit you are sad and don’t pretend to be happy.

Admit your sorrow. Because the first step of overcoming sadness is to understand that you are really sad! Do not run away from it, face it.

Once you admit that you are sad, you actually accept the reality. During this Worldwide pandemic, all of us have faced difficulties. Many lost loved ones, family members, colleagues, friends, many faced economical stress or other issues. So there may have sadness for various reasons, first point them out. It will be easier for you to overcome it.

Make your pain your strength

You can find many people from celebrities to common people who made their success path just by mastering the art of making the sadness your power. When for some reason we get pain, that sorrow makes us stronger from inside.

So instead of being sad maybe this pain can make you a better and successful person. I can give you many examples of it, but what can be the better example other than Charlie Chaplin. So don’t focus on the pain. Remember you are not alone, all over the world is sad. In the middle of 2021, almost everyone is bearing pain.

Take time to handle the grief

I said to make your pain your determination doesn’t mean just after your breakup you will go for another dating. Don’t try to hurry, take some time to handle the grief. If you have lost your dream job, don’t just start to prepare from the very next day rather take a pause. If you have lost someone close to your heart, don’t try to be normal from the very next morning rather accept the grief and give some time to own self.

Do from all of your heart whatever you want — cry, shout, fast, etc. but do it on a one time basis. Like if you haven’t been able to get the job back that you lost due to the pandemic, cry out of your heart but make it done and when you are finished don’t do it again. Finish it at a time.

Don’t try to forget the pain

In each of our life there is some sorrow, some sadness that makes us feel sad, I will never say forgot all of that because whatever I say you can’t forget some pain, some loss. But what we can do? We can ignore that pain and grief so that we can move on in life. Sounds difficult I know. But not that tough. With time the intensity of that pain will decrease. It will never vanish from your memory, only that the wound recovers making a scar behind! So take time.

Indulge in different activities

To overcome sadness you really need some time. So take time to understand your situation and take your me time. To overcome sadness you can even start to practice your field of interest like if you like to paint try to paint. Try to nourish your hobbies. This is a proven formula for overcoming sadness. Certainly, for many griefs, it’s difficult even to perform other activities.

But trust me, whenever you feel sad, divert your mind to anything else. Anyhow keep yourself busy. Initially, you may face that you are not even liking your hobby to pursue. But still keep doing, depending on your situation within a month or two, you could feel the difference. When I am saying pursue, I am trying to mean self learning or practicing. It heals any sorrow. Thus helps to combat sadness.

Read some books

To overcome sadness books can even help. You can try out to read some good books that make you feel happy. Like Tom and Jerry or Harry Potter. You can read anything you love. Can even try some tragic ending books! This will help you to regain your liveliness.

Listening music

Listening to music has a great impact on our mood and mind. So music obviously can be a great weapon to overcome sadness. You can opt for your favorite genre. Even can take the help of music therapy.

Be religious

To overcome sadness being religious really helps. Pray to the God, asks for peace. It really helps to reduce grief and pain. Try it once.

Come close to the nature

Try to stay close to Mother Nature. Actually, the vastness and livelihoods of nature really give us the strength to overcome our sadness. So feel the nature you will feel better from inside.


Yes, sleeping. Actually, during sleep, the chemical changes that occurred due to sadness are flushed out so bit prolonged sleep gradually helps in healing of our mind and pain.

Believe in Miracles

Yes, believe in miracles. This can give us the hope and that is the strongest weapon not only to fight with sadness rather for many more. Probably this is why we are told the story of Pandora’s Box! The ray of hope is still there…..


Certainly, try the above methods to overcome sadness. Try all the methods at a time, or each one by one. This will certainly help you to overcome your sadness. Sadness or sorrow is such a common that we all have gone through with it in some phase of our life. So if we want to overcome sadness, we can. Just we need to step forward and try.

Maybe for some people sadness was associated with some very pathetic incident and for others, it’s due to some natural course of life, like my first sadness I could remember was for the death of our pet dog. But many people really faced sadness due to some really heartbroken cause.

If you get some help from these tips, share your story of overcoming sadness on our Facebook page may be knowing your incident someone who is sad can get an inspiration….

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