7 necessary steps to follow in vaccination day

Going to get vaccine? 7 Essential Steps You Must Follow Before and After Vaccination

Are you going to get your covid 19 vaccine shot? Presently, the most common thing that is happening worldwide is the vaccination drive. There can have different types of covid vaccines available in different countries, but people all over the world are getting their covid vaccine dose(s).

Most of the vaccines are two dose vaccines. So if you are going to get the vaccine dose then keep reading. There are very simple yet 7 essential steps you must follow before and after vaccination.

Why these 7 steps are essential?

Now you must be wondering, why we are saying to follow these 7 steps essential for before and after vaccination? Because for a long time this will help you. How?

To know how these steps will help you, we first need to know the reason behind the vaccination. Since the covid 19 pandemic, we all know how the coronavirus spreads, infects, and affects us! Similarly, we all know to prevent covid 19 virus vaccination is necessary. If we put it simply, vaccination is a process where some part of the virus is inserted into our body. So that it builds the immunity within our body against the virus. So that our body can fight against that virus.

There are various Covid vaccines like Covishield, Covaxin, Pfizer BioNTech Covid Vaccine, Spunik V, Moderna, ZyCoV-D, AstraZeneca Vaccine, etc. All these Covid Vaccines have a difference in their ingredients but all these vaccines will ultimately do the same immunity building process within the body. Thus next time when our body will get exposed to the real Covid 19 virus, our body will fight. So it will not be fatal or life threatening.

People started to take vaccines but even with the same vaccine, the immunity building will not be the same for all. Here is the importance of these essential steps. Following these steps during the Covid vaccination day of both the first and second dose we can make the most out of it, can build stronger immunity against Covid.

When you can make a stronger immunity without just following some simple steps, why not do it!? Because this immunity against the coronavirus is going to save us possibly for the rest of life! The effort is one time, but the effect is lifelong.

When to follow these steps?

To make a stronger immunity it is best to follow these steps for both Covid vaccination first dose (shot) and Covid vaccination second dose (shot). Simply put one needs to follow these simple steps whenever you are getting the vaccine, no matter if it is your first dose or second dose!

Who should follow these steps?

Everyone who is getting covid vaccine (shot) should follow these simple steps including the children. Yes, this is equally applicable for the children too. Children above 12 years who are now advised to take the covid vaccine should follow these steps.

7 Essential Steps to Follow

Proper Diet

On the previous night of vaccination avoid eating heavy or spicy. For this day it’s best to eat a home cooked meal. This will help your body to stay fit and fine from the inside on the vaccination day. Also, the light home cooked dinner helps to sleep well.

Before taking the vaccine eat some food. Go to take vaccine after a moderate to a heavy meal. Never take the vaccine on an empty stomach.

 It is best to take a well balanced diet on your vaccine day and for the next three days. A balanced diet is indeed necessary every day. But after vaccination when your body is building immunity, it is more important to eat a healthy balanced diet. This way you will get all the microelements. Try to add a bit more protein (approximately 15% more protein in your diet) as it helps.

So say no to all unhealthy fast foods for the next 48 hours. Only eat home cooked foods for the next three days after getting the covid vaccine.

Good Sleep

Take a good sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours on the previous night of vaccination. Sleep helps to make us fit so that when you are getting the vaccine you will be fit from inside.

On the day of vaccination after getting the vaccine, it is important to have a great, good and long sleep than usual at night. Yes, sleep for at least 9 hours.

You will be surprised to know, during our sleep our body works maximum. Yes, during our sleep our body does all the repairing activities of our body. Sleep is the natural healing process. After taking the vaccine let your body work for you. So sleeping is the most essential thing one must follow after taking the vaccine.

Drink Plenty of Water

We know water is life. Drinking plenty of water is necessary for daily life too.  But after vaccination, it is vital to assure that you are taking sufficient water, especially for the next three days.

Water has a crucial role in our body as a transport medium! Don’t forget your body is working hard as you inserted the virus part! Also, water helps to maintain body temperature and also flush out the unnecessary byproducts produced.

So by drinking plenty of water vaccination side effects like high fevers, etc. can be lowered.

Do not skip any prescribed medication

If you have any chronic health condition for which you take any prescribed medicine(s), do not skip it. Take all your medicines as usual for the whole day. It will keep your disease under control and will ease the process of vaccination within your body.

Avoid drinking, smoking, etc.

On the previous night of vaccination, it is best to avoid alcohol consumption. After taking the vaccine dose try to avoid all types of addictive products like alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. at least for three days. All these addictive products hamper our immune system. So avoiding these things is necessary for smooth work of the vaccine.

For someone who is highly dependent on alcohol, they should consume the minimum amount of alcohol.

Take Leave from Work

After taking the vaccine it is advised to take rest for the next 24 hours. It is best to take leave from work. If not possible, do light works. But it is a complete NO for heavy work schedule we are used to with nowadays. No late night. It is best to avoid work as somehow work gives us mental stress. This stress level hampers the normal function of the body. So stay away from anything that could give you stress for the next 24 hours after taking the vaccine dose.

Do Not Violate Covid Protocols

The biggest mistake one should avoid is getting further exposure. Do not violate Covid protocols like wearing masks, physical distance, and washing hands just after taking the first dose or even second dose of the vaccine. This is the deadliest mistake one could do. How this is a lifetime error?

When you are taking the vaccine, you are getting the coronavirus within your body. But that’s not harmful. Now if you start to violate the covid protocol just after taking the vaccine you may get a real coronavirus. This is something like you are already weak because your body is busy building immunity and the real enemy (coronavirus) is there to fight with you!

The vaccine only works after the waiting time after the second dose. Yes, most of the covid 19 vaccines first dose gives up to 30% of immunity. After taking the covid vaccine second dose, the rest 70% immunity is built within the body. This takes almost approximately 14 to 28 days from the covid 19 vaccine second dose. So before this time, any violation of covid protocols is as risky as anyone without a vaccine!


We can argue on the different vaccine actions, can argue on covaxin or covishield or any other covid vaccine, but there is no doubt that vaccine builds immunity in our body. Just consider that by preparing your body on the day of vaccination and maintaining these simple things for the next three days, you are giving your body enough opportunity to build immunity as strong as possible. The efforts you put in are one time but the immunity you will get is going to stay with you for life long. Stay Healthy and Happy.

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