Kadha- ultimate Covid 19 home remedy


Presently, Kadha is the most useful home remedy to fight against covid 19. KADHA is basically an Indian Herbal Concoction. This is the most known home remedy ever for indian people. Kadha is the very first indian homey trick any indian child learn about. For any basic health issue a child face, from basic fever to cough, the must home remedy is Kadha!

The best part is KADHA is equally effective for almost all age group. Honestly, there are several kadha recipes that are prepared by indian grandmoms depending on the exact health issue. But here we will particularly show the KADHA that works best against Covid 19. You can not find any home in India, who have not taken Kadha during this covid pandemic time!

So here we are sharing the magical kadha formula. Before making and using this Kadha , please read the complete article. Without complete knowledge it can invite danger. So do not skip reading..

When One Should Intake Kadha

There is no specific rule to take Kadha. You can take it anytime in a day as per our recommended dosage. It is best that you start as early as possible to consume Kadha. This is applicable for both completely vaccinated, partially vaccinated people worldwide.

Even if you do not have covid symptoms then you should take Kadha so that you will never get covid 19 irrespective of any mutant variants. If you have not take your Covid 19 vaccine yet, then it is utmost important for you to consume Kadha.

If somehow one got exposure of coronavirus or someone who usually got high exposure of coronavirus (like health professionals, cleaning workers, etc.) then it is advised to take kadha mandatorily.

Kadha Making Video Step By Step Guide

Kadha is made in two different steps. In first step we made the kadha powder (Kadha masala) and then in next step we consume the kadha powder preferably in the form of hot drinks. First, we make Kadha (Masala) Powder and usually store it in a dry and cool place (at a temperature below 20°C). Then consume this kadha (masala) powder in different forms.

If you can make the kadha masala freshly everytime, that will be best. But if preparing everyday is not possible, then make it once in every 5/7 days. Keep the kadha masala in an airtight container. But never ever try to use the packaged readymade kadha masala powder, those are useless!

Here in the video we will first make this kadha masala, then with that kadha masala will prepare the kadha drink. Even after making the kadha drink, mostly we reuse the staining residue of the kadha masala in foods. So that the whole goodness goes within the body. All the ingredients we are using are listed below with the links so that you can check them.

Making Kadha Powder (Masala) Video

Kadha making with proper measurement of ingredients

Making Kadha Drink

Now as we already have the kadha powder. Follow the below steps to make the kadha drink. One can make the Kadha drink with either plain drinking water or with milk. We will make with water as that is more popular.

  • First take 300 ml plain drinking water
  • Now first let it come to the boiling point
  • After the water starts to boil, add few fresh basil leaves (this is recommended, but if you do not have then skip it)
  • Once the water again starts to boil, add the Kadha powder in that boiling water as per the dose we mentioned.
  • Let the mixture boil for 1 minute. Do not over boil it, because over boiling will damage the effectiveness of the ingredients.
  • you can add jaggery or honey for taste. That’s it. Your Kadha drink is ready. Take it lukewarm.

If you drink it after staining the mixture, do not throw it. You can use it in cooking as cooking spices!

The Ingredients You Need

Here is a list of the ingredients used to make the Kadha powder(masala)

* Whole Fennel Seeds (Snauf)

* Whole Cloves

* Whole Black Pepper

* Cinnamon

* Whole Green Cardamom

* Whole Black Cardamom

* Bay Leaf

* Nutmeg (Optional)

* Jaggery / Honey (Optional) for making the drink tasty

How to Consume Kadha

The kadha is consumed in the form of hot drinks made with kadha powder masala.

Kadha Dose And Dosages

Use exactly the same proportion to make the kadha as mentioned in the above video. All the doses and dosages are based on the above video.

For Adult Person take 2.3 grams (half teaspoon) per serving, two servings per day.

For Children above 12 years of age take 2.3 grams (half teaspoon) per serving, two servings per day.

For children below 12 years of age take 1.4 grams (1/3 teaspoon) per serving, two servings per day.

For someone who got high exposure of coronavirus, take the same quantity per serving, only take one serving extras that is total serving three for next 4 days. Then it will be normal.

Here you need to remember, stop taking kadha in every 7th day, give it a break for two days. Then again start from 10th day. Do not stop consuming if you are already covid 19 positive or you have high fever. If you feel that after drinking kadha you are feeling uneasy in liver or feel any pain in stomach, then stop taking it.

Kadha Overdose

It is true that against covid 19 and similar other flu treatment Kadha is extremely useful, only when taken in a permitted quantity. Do not take it more than the recommended.

With excessive intake of Kadha overdose reaction occurs. Do not think, with all natural ingredients the overdose of Kadha is anyhow less dangerous! There are several side effects of Kadha overdose.

Kadha Side effects

The side effects of kada only occurs when one takes it in unnecessary high amount. The most common side effects of kadha overdose are

  • Kadha overdose harms the liver. Even with regular usage of Kadha for very long time can result in damage to the liver. One may face pain in liver, liver swelling, etc.
  • Excessive dose of kadha can cause bleeding. The bleedings are mostly internal bleeding. Many times one can find bleeding spots in skin.
  • It may cause renal failure.
  • It can come fatal for patients with hyperthermia, patients with high fever, cardiac patients.

If you face any of the above even in a mild form, immediately stop to intake kadha.

Who Can Intake Kadha

Anyone who is above 4 years of age can consume kadha. People who are fully vaccinated, not vaccinated or partially vaccinated should drink kadha. Kadha helps to build the immunity of your body, so that it gives a protection against covid 19. Specifically one who is already covid 19 positive and have mild or no fever should take kadha. For those who have high fever, kadha should take once in a day only, as kadha increases the body temperature.

Who Should Not Intake Kadha

As already said people with high fever, Constipation, liver disease, kidney disease, should not take kadha without medical advice, especially when one take regular medicines for the above diseases.


For each article, we mention the actual sources. But this is the most common concoction and this version is taken from my own home. You can check various other similar versions. For references you can even check the official government website of Ministry of Ayush.

What is the right time to intake Kadha?

One can drink Kadha at any time. There is no such restriction or anything special to follow. If one somehow got high exposure of covid 19, it is best that one starts to take kadha as soon as possible.

Who should intake Kadha?

Anyone above 4 years of age can intake kadha. In fact we recommend kadha to stay safe from covid 19. Just read the whole article above once where we mentioned all the details you must follow.

Can children intake kadha?

Yes, children above 4 years of age can intake kadha as per our suggested dose and dosage.

Who should not drink kadha?

People who have liver diseases, kidney diseases and take medicines for that disease, are not advised to drink kadha.

What if I do not have any one ingredients?

When making kadha if you do not have any one ingredient, do it with the rest. It is just that you will not get the 100% benefit.

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