Chest cold home remedies for children & babies

Miraculous Chest Cold Home Remedies for Children

Chest cold is very annoying, sometimes it turns out to be fearful. Especially, chest cold in children and chest cold in babies gives nightmare to the parents. Whereas, chest cold home remedies for children are 100% safe and has no side effects!. So if your little one gets a chest cold, use chest cold home remedies early so that it will cure early with less suffering to your child.

There are several chest cold home remedies for adults. But not all are equally applicable to babies and infants. So here is a list of chest cold home remedies for children and babies. Depending on the intensity of the Chest cold, you can apply the home remedies till it not cures completely.

When baby has dry cough

Take ginger juice ¼ spoon, take ¼ spoon honey and add pinch of rock salt. Mix well. Now give this mixture to your baby. Three/four times a day is recommended. It works magically in kids for any kind of coughing in chest cold. If your baby has severe coughing then apply more than one home remedy simultaneously. This is safe to use so you can continue to give this mixture till it cures completely.

Natural Cough Syrup

This chest cold home remedy is for babies above one year of age. Mix ginger juice with honey and give it to the children. Only ¼ teaspoon is enough. It is natural cough syrup. This helps a lot in the cough of the little ones. Just give them 3 times a day when your baby has cough.

Magical Massage

In babies or infants suffering from chest cold, chest cold massage gives very fast and effective results. Yes, in babies you can see improved condition even with first massage. It works equally for older children.

Take 30 ml. mustard oil. First heat it, then add 4/5 garlic cloves to it. When the colour changes to brown, add some 1 teaspoon carom seeds (ajwain) and let it heat up until carom seeds also change the colour. Now switch off the heat. Let the mixture come down to comfortable warm.

Stain the oil and massage it to the front chest, back of the chest and both palm of hands and both sole of feet. Just take your baby away from any kind of cold, ac, fan. If it is already cold outside, use socks or cover the full body for at least 30 minutes just after the massage. This chest cold home remedy for children works like magic in cold and cough. Surely try it once. If carom seeds are not available, do it with plain garlic cloves and mustard oil. That also works

Remedy for above 5 years children

All the above remedies are equally effective to 5 years and above children. For children above 5 years in chest cold, one can even give nutmeg paste once in a day preferably at night before going to bed. This is also very effective chest cold home remedies for children. How to make? Take luke warm water, then take 0.5 ml paste of nutmeg and mix it, it is ready to use.

For infants and children generally we do not recommend to use turmeric milk. But if your baby is above one year of age, you can give turmeric milk one time, but not more than 1/8th teaspoon turmeric.

For above 5 years of age turmeric milk is recommended with black pepper. It helps to get rid off from chest cold fast.

Hot steam

When in chest cold, hot steam really helps. So give your baby to inhale hot steam. It really helps to recover early. Just make sure even if the hot steam makes your baby sweat, then wipe the sweat properly and make the little baby dry after steam inhalation. Even a 5 minutes inhalation is enough.

For fever in chest cold in infants

If your baby has fever then lemon juice enriched sponge bath really helps. Add some lemon juice in Luke warm water and give your child the sponge bath. It helps to cure early.

Keep in mind

When your baby suffer chest cold, try to maintain these common things-

  • Wear loose cotton clothes and make sure that no sweat is produced within body. Getting a comfortable temperature is essential during this time.
  • Try to add more liquid foods, those are easy to digest and gives a relief to your baby.
  • If your baby breastfeeds, then even in chest cold breastfeeding is essential as it gives your baby the natural immunity.
  • If your baby has very much nasal congestion, then give plain saline water one drop in each nose. It opens the nose.


Depending on the severity one can use multiple home remedies at a time. All the home remedies are 100% safe with side effects when used as recommended. Stay healthy and happy.


All the above mentioned home remedies are tried and tested. All these home remedies are used in Indian homes over thousands of years. Officially you will get many of these remedies in

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