How covid 19 pandemic changed us? Are you aware of?…

Experts say pandemic comes in a century and when comes, changes a lot! Yes, even covid 19 pandemic changed us a lot. Worldwide, every person changed somehow in their own aspect. There is no scope of argument that covid 19 pandemic has changed us. We are today exploring how this covid 19 pandemic changed us?

Pandemic is a term we only used to read in our books just as a phrase before 2020. Then suddenly world learn a new name Covid 19 and then the pandemic. Everything was changed all of a sudden!

So, if we ask you how covid 19 pandemic changed you? Have you counted how much the Covid 19 pandemic changed you? We are listing some common changes

The Big Realization

I know before pandemic like me, many of you even couldn’t imagine that these too can happen in 2020! When we used to fly like a rocket, always thought that time is so valuable for everyone; we are in a time when nothing can stop us and so on…

Then just a virus came and halted the whole human civilization like nothing! When still we are struggling to get back to normal or new normal, so many things have changed! It gives us the biggest realization that we humans are actually nothing, just those tiny creatures!

The people who were very much time bounded, who used to believe nothing can change their life have learnt how to just enjoy the time without even doing anything! We learnt even without going to work we can work. We learnt schools can be online.

We learnt how we love the touch of our well-wishers. We came to know even the most annoying person in your life is still not that annoying. You came to know how much you love the nature, the walk, your working place or maybe that tiny shop you passed by your car every day…

The life itself

Covid 19 pandemic made us realize the true value of our life. With so many deaths and death counts, we realized life is so precious. Before pandemic we used to complain about several things, now we realized life itself is the biggest gift we get. It made us calm and peaceful from inside that we are safe and still alive.

Actual values towards life

When we understand the value of life, automatically we hold the values, ethics towards life. Each individual with their own perspective learnt some lessons of life. So overall we can expect a better tomorrow in terms of humanity!

Our actual values

This time world became the one to fight against covid 19. We get to know the true value of us as an individual. We counted our contributions towards society.

Pandemic Changes


After passing the pandemic people are more patient in general. Yes, the patience level has increased. In general people are facing more trouble in terms of living, economic instability, etc. but still we have increased the patience level.


Prolonged pandemic created so much uncertainty that triggered irritability towards government. But at the same time people are less irritable towards society! A recent study shows people became more empathic towards their neighbors.


Prolonged house arrest during lockdown created sadness, depression, anxiety, etc. So, when worldwide unlock is started people are happy just to get back to their normal life. Yes, there are tension, uncertainty, fear, loss of income but study showing people are very happy just for the unlock. What about you?

Close to Nature

Long time pandemic gave us the scope to come close to nature. How many of you feel more closely to nature during lockdown days? The blue sky, green trees, clouds, snow, birds are really good to watch.

We stop to take anything and everything as taken for granted. All the natural elements we get from the nature like water, oxygen, etc. what if they start to drop off! Yes, we are more sensitive towards the value of this natural elements, the importance of nature is somehow clearer to us.

Prioritize the Family

Post pandemic people are more prone to spend a family time. Work is certainly there, will always be there. But only work? Not again!

More work life balance

When we learnt the value of life and family time, people are more careful about our work life balance. Work is no more the only priority. Irrespective of gender, employees are looking to get a good work life balance.


Study showing pandemic made people more respectful and dutiful towards every relationship. It is going to impact the society in a positive way. Post pandemic people are taking care of relations. Possibly pandemic made us realize we can not live without all our relations. Post pandemic couples are more prone to live together.

The Psychological impact

Many studies revealed, pandemic time increased the anxiety, depression not just in adults, but also in children. It is high time to get alert, especially for children. Engage your child at home in a way that your little one can pass this time easily. Hopefully, just like pandemic we will overcome these negative psychological impacts too. 

As told covid 19 pandemic just did not take, also gives us something in return. All the above listed what we get in return. Hopefully with the lessons of this covid 19 pandemic we will be able to make a better tomorrow for both humans and the nature. If you think we missed anything in the list let us know. Stay healthy and happy.


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