Depression: Facts and Solution

Depression a word we all are with! A word that is in some extent overused and abused too. People randomly use this word without knowing the exact intensity and meaning. So what is depression is?

Being depressed is an normal emotion. But at the same time depression many times indicate a state of mental health issue that is a disease. But wait, before you make any opinion check the facts. Depression does not mean the disease always.

In fact, in this post corona virus pandemic situation for different situations depression and being depressed is a very normal human emotion. There is nothing wrong in it. So when this is alarming? When this depression turns into the disease of depression. We discussed both in detail so keep reading.

Depression a common term to use!

We are very used to with the term depression now a days. With the pandemic situation all of us are somewhat depressed due to different difficulties in our life. With all such restrictions none is actually happy. Above the top of the fear there is a threat of covid 19 third wave! So all around the world people are somewhat depressed. But this depression is easy to handle; everyone is able to come out from this temporary depressed feeling.

What technology did with us is that in the name of awareness depression is discussed so much that sometimes we are unnecessarily depressed thinking that probably I am also suffering from depression!

Depression and Statics

It’s true that worldwide even before pandemic depression-the disease was a concern. Specially countries like USA where the percentage of depressed people is increasing.

As per the report from 2019, an estimated 17.3 million adults (7.1% of all USA adults) in the United States had at least one major depressive episode and depression is most common in the age group of 18-25 years. Although it also a side disease of anxiety so that’s also impacts majorly in the above statistics.

Depression and Pandemic

But worldwide covid pandemic changed this statistics in a major way. There are reports that the depression is increased at a rate of approximately 42%, no not in USA worldwide! So this is a concern. Because most of these depression cases can be cured with some effort.

There are various reports that is claiming that people are depressed (that is very common in this situation) and are prone to depression disorders. There are already reports from many countries, that people are taking their own lives out of depression! But if we became aware we can control our depression far before it can become disorder!

If now I ask, are you suffering from depression? Most of you will start to think, and possibly the reply is going to be yes! Or you can’t reply NO instantly. Isn’t? The main reason is pandemic for sire, but that is not the only cause. There are so much information we already know about depression and all these excessive information leading towards the misconception of depression. So we picked this topic today, we know it’s too general topic but in this present situation it is needed to discuss.

Depression a normal emotion too!

Ok, now coming to the point the situation wasn’t always like this. Almost 30/40 years back being depressed was like other normal emotions but now we just don’t let it go to be depressed! Yes, if you or your nearest one is depressed for some reason and that is fine; don’t panic!

Being depressed for some reason is not sick; rather that’s normal, very normal just like as being happy or angry or like any other common emotions. Suppose your salary is decreased in this pandemic situation and you are depressed then it’s fine; rather if you are happy after your salary is cut down in your office then please consult a doctor, you really need help! So being depressed is a natural emotion and please take it normally.

Depression the actual disease

So now you must be thinking then when the depression is a concern? To understand that first you will have to understand what is depression. By depression here we are trying to mean major depressive disorder that is a serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel and your way of thinking and simultaneously your act.

Depression Symptoms

Depression gives a feeling of sadness. The depression symptoms are somewhat impacts from mild to severe. The basic and foremost symptom is feeling sad or having depressed mood.

These feeling of sadness or having depressed mood leads to some other symptoms like loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed, changes in food habits and / or sleep cycle, increased fatigue, many faces unnecessary headache, increased purposeless physical activity or slow down in movements and speech, feeling guilty or worthless etc. It can even give a death thought like suicide. It also creates difficulty in thinking, concentration even in decision-making.

Now you’re thinking then you have depression because you have at least two symptoms. Then wait— we haven’t mentioned yet the most important factor. The most and foremost factor is that the whole thing i.e., sadness or depressed mood with/without other symptoms will occur without even a proper reason and will have to persist for at least two weeks at a stretch.

It’s like your mood is off for continues 15 days without any reason. This is not something related to anything like money, power, situation etc.— nothing. There are so many celebrities from Jim Carrey to Johnny Depp from Kristen Bell to Ellen DeGeneres all battled with depression.

Depression Factors

If this is what happens to you then still it’s ok because depression is treatable. There are various types of depression with various stages. Some are really very common and occasionally appears in females like post delivery depression. Some are needed to treat in a proper manner. There are few factors that are considered playing major role in depression.

  • Biochemistry- It has seen that chemical imbalance in our brain in a certain way has huge impact in depression. In fact, it is the hardest form of depression, because medication is a must.
  • Genetics- If there is any medical history in the family then chances of occurring depression is very high. It’s said that if any one of parents has history of depression due to chemical imbalance then the children are 50%-70% more prone to depression.
  • Personality-People with low self-esteem are more prone to depression. Even it has seen that people with pessimistic thoughts are more prone to depression.
  • Situation- Some situations like death of very closed ones aggravate the depression with grief. There are so many situations like continuous experience of violence, sensual harassment etc. leads to depression.

Depression Solution

Don’t be anxious about depression. There are so many celebrities who once suffered from major depression leading a successful and happy life now. This is also a myth that major depression always leads to suicide. Now if we discuss the cause, mostly it’s said that depression is caused by chemical imbalance in brain so medication is needed depending on severity.

But if it’s just the beginning that you are feeling depressed and you can understand that probably not everything is right then yes you can solve your depression by yourself.

Respect your body. Give a good sleep, eat proper healthy food considering all micro elements like vitamins and minerals, talk to your nearest one, try to motivate yourself. Try to make good friends, try to remove the stress. Go for a physical activity from sports to a simple walk. Stop over thinking and most importantly avoid negative thoughts. Engage yourself in constructively maybe in charitable work, go to church frequently. Try to maintain a proper routine with fixed timing. Possibly all these can help.

But if still it doesn’t work then please consult a doctor. I will specially mention it to all my male readers. Because there is already awareness about depression in females as they have fluctuations in their hormone levels that leads them to more prone to depression. But for males there is still like a hesitation! Being a male it’s OK to be depressed. Don’t hesitate, just express it.


In a general form today we tried to discuss mainly about what actually depression is and how it is different from what we commonly mean as being depressed. Hopefully this will helped our readers. Because, depression is a problem that is neglected still become an issue. But if you take care of your depressed mood in the initial days it is easy to solve and there will be no complication. Stay healthy and happy because life is really beautiful irrespective of the situation.

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