5-ways-to-uplift-low-mood-in-bad weather

Can’t cope with weather? 5 easy ways to uplift mood in bad weather

Weather has high impact on our mood. Low mood in bad weather is very common and natural. Scientifically it is proven that weather is a factor behind human mood. Weather overall impacts our daily life too.

There are several times weather makes our mood low. We as an individual know that this can hamper our life in different aspects but actually could not get out from this low mood in bad weather.

Weather has universal connection with our mood. The impact of the weather on our mood is really well known. Many studies and research show that weather makes and breaks human moods.

Certainly, above anything liking or disliking a specific weather is a personal choice. If you have a good mood now that is great. Your favorite weather never lasts throughout the year. So every person knows how low mood in bad weather hampers our daily life.

Many people just do not feel low mood in bad weather, but also becomes depressed then try out these 5 ways that will certainly uplift your mood in bad weather. This way you will not just uplift your mood, but it will also keep you to stay more productive and focused.

Try different indoor activities to boost your mood in bad weather

When you are living in an extreme climate and you are unable to step out from your house, then try out different indoor activities. This will certainly help you to uplift your mood in bad weather. We are giving some ideas for your indoor activities. You can add more as your to do list

  • You can read books. Yes reading is a very enriching experience as a whole. Study shows book reading helps to uplift the mood. We suggest to start with children stories, comedy or family drama, etc. This helps to heal. If you are one who loves to hear stories then can even try with different audio books.
  • Listen to music but please do not go for sad music. Good music can easily uplift your mood even in bad weather. There are plenty of music apps in the market where you do not need to pay anything!
  • Watch your favorite series. Can even explore various different types of movies and videos, you can even enjoy soccer. Start exploring new shows. It is true that some comes with paid subscriptions but there are many vivid options like Youtube that are free too!
  • Chatting and talking with your friends, relatives is a good option too. It helps to uplift the low mood in bad weather.
  • Try out new video games. Try to play the most colorful games as bright colors have a good impact in our mind. You can even try to play video games on TV or in Laptop. You can try video games for free. There are unlimited options for free.
  • Pursue your indoor hobby

Physical activities help to uplift mood in bad weather

Physical activities in different forms are a must to do in bad weather. To keep our mood in right, some body hormones have a vital role. These hormones are termed as happy hormones.

To keep the happy hormones active in our body, we need to do some physical activity. What you can do? You can make the physical activity that turns out interesting to you. We are listing some ideas of your physical activities that you can try out.

  • Do some workout at home, as recommended 30 minutes workout a day is good
  • Try out different patterns of workout in different days
  • You can try out dancing at home, this is a good way to stay active physically
  • One can try different other forms of physical activities like Yoga, Zumba Dance, etc.

Decoration helps to correct mood in bad weather

Study suggests that bright decoration has a feel-good impact on our mood. So, decoration is a great way to uplift the mood. Just keep in mind, use as much bright colors as you can in decoration.

Use bright lights, all the bright colors especially yellow, orange and red shades, etc. in your decoration. Consider the fact that start decorating when you started to feel low.

Decorate those places where you are going to stay for the rest of the day or at least the area you can directly see. It gives a feel-good feeling.

Similarly, a proven way to uplift the mood is decorating the self!… Yes, in a dull dusky day try out to dress up with yellow dress or red shirts. It uplifts the mood.

Food turns the mood in bad weather

As said, food is always an important part to survive. So good food helps to uplift the mood. Try out different recipes.

Cook, bake whatever you love to. If you do not like to cook, then ordering is a great way. Try to add dark chocolates, nuts and seeds, coffee, berries, banana, clarified butter, fermented foods, etc. in your diet. This food helps to boost your mood and keeps you happy.

Keep yourself busy in different activities

Try to keep you busy with something new or exciting! Try to learn some new skills. It can be new language or maybe something that can help in your career in upcoming days. Or just can join a Piano learning class. Or even you can pursue your hobby.

If you live in a region that has extreme climate conditions like someone who lives in the northern part of Globe with the really long cold dark nights then we have a bonus for you. Sometime try to watch the great Aurora Borealis over the sky. It is said that northern light has a great positive impact in our mood.

Try at least three above mentioned activities at a time. Try it for at least 5 days continuously, you will discover the sadness, depression or even the low mood is gone. You will become much more energetic than before. Stay positive and happy.


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