midlife crisis in men

Midlife Crisis In Men

Midlife crisis in men! A fact that needs attention. There is a myth that midlife crisis can occur only in women. It is just a stigma. Yes, midlife crisis occur in men too! Sometimes the symptoms are mild or even too prominent, we should not miss it.

When someone behaves in a different way and especially if that person is a women of middle age, we easily conclude it as midlife crisis. But what about men? For men we ignore that leads to more complicated situations.

Men are usually can not express their feelings like women. They hide their emotions and feelings. As they hide their feelings, that does not mean they are not going through midlife crisis.

In fact, recent research report suggests that men are equally go through the midlife crisis with prominent symptoms just like women.

Midlife crisis in men symptoms

When a man reaches in his middle age, by the time there is already so much responsibilities, career issues, family issues, etc. A man in this time also realizes that they have already reached half of their life. Men faces emotional ups and downs, craving to start a new passion or resume the old passion. There is a craving to look younger. Not only that, there are other symptoms like

1. Buying a new car (even if the capabilities are limited)

2. Starting a new romantic relation or even if in many cases, starting a new family

3. Ignoring family responsibilities

4. Change of the pattern of sex desire

5. Lack of motivation in life

6. Fear about death

7. Feeling lost

8. Anxiety, depression

9. Overthinking about the looks

There is a common societal concept that men are strong. Men can not break down, men can not do regrets about past mistakes, etc. etc. But from the science perspective, men also has a mind. So, emotional turmoil, feelings about worthlessness, feelings of being lost can also occur in men.

Why midlife crisis occur in men?

Midlife crisis is also known as middle age crisis. When men are in their middle age (age range in between 40-60), a feeling comes in their mind that their life is approaching towards the end. They have already lived half of their life, so a crisis occurs in mind.

There is no clear cut reason that why midlife crisis occur. It is thought that the emotional turmoil that a person go through in this age range may be due to hormonal issues. In this age range, men are usually with full of responsibility, they have family responsibility, career issues, children issues.

They need to take care of their parents. There is also an emotional feeling that their parents are now aged, some can not bear the loss of their parents, etc.

Men look back their life path and have regrets about their past decisions, past works, etc. They wish if they could change their decisions, can correct the mistakes and many more thoughts.

As they realize that they have half of life years in their hand, so they try to resume their childhood passion. Some even also try to explore new passions.

They also feel an increased desire for sex. Some may get involved with new romantic relations. Men want to explore all new possibilities that can make them happy.

Who will suffer from midlife crisis?

Midlife crisis in men is not a must, it is not proved yet that everybody goes through this midlife crisis. Also, how long midlife crisis will last in a person depends upon several factors such as

Family bonding

More stronger the family bonding, there is earlier chances of recovery from midlife crisis. Even some other bonding that any people close to like friends can also help to get out of middle age crisis.


The personality of a person highly determines that how long the midlife crisis will last in that person. Those who are mentally young or has a forever young mentality, they usually do not go through midlife crisis. But if it occurs, it usually recovers early.

Life experiences

When there are very bitter experiences in life, especially in terms of relationships, in these people midlife crisis usually lasts longer.

Health condition

When a person is overall healthy, midlife crisis does not last long.

Social well being

When a person has social well being, midlife crisis usually does not last long.

How to treat midlife crisis?

There are a number of ways through which one can get relief from the symptoms of midlife crisis. These are the following

1. Acknowledge the feeling

You are going through a number of emotions. Acknowledge it.

No matter what people think about it, accept your feelings. Try to share your thoughts with your loved ones.

2. Age is just a number

All of us getting older in every second. So, does not worry about age. You still have time to cherish your life. You have a long way to go.

3. No regrets

Life is not only about regrets. If you are feeling unwell about past regrets, either try to correct those mistakes, if that is not possible then stop regretting and look forward.  If you have any childhood passion, you can resume it. You can also try to explore new passions. Life is all about exploring new things. Try it today!

4. Take care of your health

It is vital to take care your physical and mental health. To enjoy the life fully, you need to be healthy. So, live a healthy life and enjoy the life to the fullest. Try to stay calm and peaceful from inside, it will help you. Try to stay happy.

If you still feel unwell and coping with the midlife crisis is difficult for you, do not hesitate to consult with a doctor. Many times, the symptoms of midlife crisis can be due to other reasons. Do not hesitate to open up your feelings with the doctor.

Midlife crisis not always occur to every men, not even it stays long. It is a feeling that sometimes just passes away. So be positive in life always. Stay healthy and happy.


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