Reasons of Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss in men is the most common issue for ages. But nowadays men are facing serious hair loss issue even at their early 30’s. Previously, hairs start to become thin mostly after 40 years of age. So people used to face the hair thinning issues only after 40 or even after 50. So what are the causes that are responsible for this untimely hair shedding?


It was initially considered that man with their family history of baldness start to loose the hair early as the symptom of their hereditary baldness. So obviously, when one faces hair loss at the age of 32 years or 35 years the worst nightmare that strikes on mind is if I am going to be bald!!!

Hair loss in men is possible to stop

It may sound odd but hair loss at early 30’s is not a certain sign of baldness even in the men who have family history of baldness. This is equally applicable to the teenage males. In 86% cases it is possible to stop the hair fall in males if we can remove the cause. So before finding the causes lets check some medical facts.

Hair loss clinical facts

In the normal cycle of hair, on an average in men, 50 to 70 hairs fall everyday. So when you see some hairs in your hair brush or in the shower tub it is really normal. In natural way, this hair falls due to the growth of new hairs. But when your daily hair fall is higher than 70 per day, it is time to be careful.

Certainly when one looses 120 hairs or more each day, within a couple of weeks he will face this hair thinning issue. As for such hair falling, less hair is replaced with new hair. When hair start to fall and you face hair thinning issue only then we notice the issue. The more early you take this issue seriously, the more easily you can regain your healthy hair back.

Hair loss is a Sign

Hair loss in men are certainly an issue itself, but always consider the fact that for both men and women abnormal hair loss (that is more than 110 hair fall per day) and hair thinning is actually a common bodily symptom of various diseases.

Yes, in general through hair fall body gives us the signal that everything is not right in our body! On the other side, if you are 100% fit and healthy from inside, if all of your organs are completely fit, you will not face a hair thinning issue. So when you are facing hair loss that means it is a sign that everything is not right.

Hair loss in men possible reasons

There are several causes of hair loss in males including the causes of hair loss in teenage males as well. In both ages the reasons other than the genetic cause are the same!

So it is vital to check all the possible reasons before come to any conclusion in your case of hair loss. Because many reasons can be equally responsible for your hair loss. Once you start avoiding these reasons, you will see a prominent improvement in your hair and as well as in your look!

Genetic Reason

Certainly with family history of baldness shows its sign even at an early age of 30’s when your parent has baldness. So this is completely a genetic cause of hair loss that you are aware of.

But honestly, even with a prominent family history of baldness, you can save your hair in your head for a long time. For that you just need to be some extra careful and avoid all the other possible causes of hair loss.

Because there are many times we see patients who faced hair loss due to other reasons we will mention later, but it resulted them an early baldness. So you can prevent it from today.

Environmental Reasons

Many environmental factors play a key role in hair loss in men in early age. Yes, environmental changes made a great impact in our hair loss. Sudden changes of weather, extreme cold, extreme heat waves damage our hair very badly and causes hair loss in men.

This weather pattern change is equally applicable for people who live in different places that have different weather pattern, it causes hair loss. With sudden change of environment, hair loss is a very common problem.

Pollution, especially air pollution is the most common cause of hair loss in men at their 30’s. Recent study even concluded that air pollution can even cause more male baldness. So how to prevent your hair from pollution impact? Wash your hairs more frequently to eliminate the effect of air pollution.

Lifestyle Reasons

It is very easy to guess fact that various lifestyle issues and lifestyle habits are main contributor to hair loss in men. The wrong lifestyle habits in men initiates more hair loss. With a balanced lifestyle modification, one can restrict the excessive hair loss.

So what are some most common lifestyle habits you need to focus on?

  • Late Night Sleeping Habits- This is a habit of almost all of us, especially men of young age are really keen to do late nights. There are many times we do late nights due to our works pattern, or even sometimes we just stay awake just to check social media, watching movies or series. These hamper our bodily functions and results in hair loss. So if you are facing hair loss, try to sleep early. Within a weak you will feel the difference.
  • Lack of Sleep- Lack of sleep is a reason of hair loss. During sleep, our body cleanses itself. So when you sleep less, your body is unable to do cleaning that results hair loss.
  • Lack of physical activity- In our life, many men do not give enough attention to do any physical activity. Sedentary lifestyle can result excessive hair loss. It is necessary to do some physical activities regularly, even if you are doing desk jobs. Everyday a 30 minutes physical activity is a must. This just not only reduces hair fall but also keeps you healthy. You may do walking, cycling, etc. or you may even can do some household chores.


Stress is the cause of hair loss in men in almost 67% cases. Be it physical stress or psychological stress, the result is always the hair thinning in men.

Any severe physical shock like excessive weight loss, surgery, etc. leads to hair loss. Similarly when one is in excessive mental or psychological stress it causes hair loss. This stress can be for any kind of depression, anxiety, sudden shock or even long term professional stress. All results in hair loss and hair thinning in men.

Some Habits

Men face hair loss due to some habits they follow knowingly or unknowingly. We are listing all those habits that has contribution in hair loss.

  • Smoking: All know smoking is injurious to health. But do you know smoking has contribution in your hair loss? In both normal cigarette and Electronic-Cigarette, you inhale lots of harmful chemicals that becomes the cause of your hair loss.
  • Excessive Alcohol intake: Alcohol when consumed in a permitted level is fine. But when one drink excessive alcohol, it hampers the liver. Thus it always results the hair loss.
  • Hair Brushing: When you use hair brush just after bath, it causes more hair loss than usual. Because in wet hair the hair streams are soft and easy to break. So it is always best that do not brush your wet hair.

Use of Cosmetic Products

Nowadays all of us use various cosmetic products. Certainly for the style and beauty, using hair products are good. But choosing right products and using those products in a right way is more vital! You will be surprised to know that 73% hair fall in men is contributed by the wrong use of cosmetic hair products.

Hair Gel: Hair gels are good to use only if you are able to wash it after use. Otherwise it causes hair loss. How? Because when you use any hair gel it blocks the hair pores and creates an excess stress to your hair follicles. So using it in a permitted way is good. But after use let your hair follicles get some fresh air. This is needed to stop hair loss.

Shampoo: We all use shampoo of different brands but the correct way of doing shampoo is never told to us. So what we do? We use excessive shampoo that unknowingly harm our hairs.

It is always important to apply your shampoo on your hair only after diluting it with water. Also keep in mind not only the hairs, our scalp needs the actual cleaning. So apply shampoo on the scalp too, gently rub and then more carefully clean it with plain cold water. Make sure there is no traces of shampoo left!

Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoos are not actually anyhow a good option for your hair health. It is always a substitute to the original traditional shampoo. But mostly men use it as the substitute of the actual shampoo. So as a result in a long run one is harming the hairs!


We all know a balanced diet is vital for the body. But this is equally applicable to our hair loss. As anyhow lack of different nutrients causes hair loss. If one teenager male is facing hair loss, the nutritional facts should check first. Hair is made upon protein so that protein is vital, but not only protein, there are some other micro elements that are equally essential to prevent hair loss.

  • Protein- As hair is made upon protein so lack of protein is a cause of hair loss in men.
  • Iron- Iron deficiency in men even causes hair loss.
  • Vitamin C- Vitamin C helps to absorb iron in body. So indirectly helps to prevent hair loss.
  • Vitamin D- It is important to create new hair follicles. Thus hair thinning issue is resolved.
  • Zinc- It helps to make the hair cells, so deficiency of zinc causes hair loss.

Medical Conditions

As told earlier, hair loss is a symptom. Hair loss indicates that your health is not completely ok. It is seen that in almost all health issues men face hair loss. Although in almost all cases the hair loss is temporary when you treat the actual reason.

There are many health issues that cause excessive hair loss. As an example Liver Diseases, kidney diseases results an excessive hair loss in men. Anemia, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, heart disease causes hair loss in men.

Diseases like cancers, AIDS also cause hair loss, but certainly it is not that common to consider. But in men hair loss in anemia, high blood pressure, liver issues are really common and easy to treat. So if you are facing hair loss regularly, it is time that you should go for a medical checkup.

There is also another common cause of hair loss in men are any bodily infections. Infections causes hair loss, be it within body or at surface.

Many times, bacterial and fungal infections in scalp is the only cause of hair loss. This is very common reason of hair loss in men. In such cases either one can shave the complete hair for two to three times completely. One can even use different anti bacterial and anti fungal solutions to the scalp, gradually the hair thinning issue resolves.

If you are already taking some medicines for any other health issues, pay attention to your medicines. Because there are certain drugs that causes hair loss. So if you take any medicine once check if that is the cause of your hair loss. If yes, then talk to your doctor.

There are certain treatments that causes hair loss like cancer treatment, AIDS treatment, any radiation treatment. When the treatment is completed, gradually the hair started to grow. So this is a temporary hair loss and not to worry about.

Exposure to Certain Materials

There are certain exposures that results hair fall in men. If anyone get any of the listed exposures then it is advised to minimize the effect of the exposure.

Radiation is one the cause of high hair loss. If one is associated of any kind of Radiation (be it as a part of treatment or as a professional). If you are professionally attached to anything that causes radiation, it is always best to take prevention.

If you are very much exposed to salted water by any reason, this can be a cause of your hair loss. So be aware and avoid direct contact of salted water for a very long time, it is best that you cover your hair. This way your hair loss problem will be solved.

Immune System Disorder

There is a immune system disorder called Alopecia Areata, where hair falls in men. This is a genetic condition that stimulates hair fall. Although it is important to mention that it is the most uncommon reason of hair loss.


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