Anemia due to Inflammation: Common Reasons

It is true that worldwide anemia is very common specially in women. There are many causes of anemia due to inflammation, some of them are really common. But statistics says the anemia occurs maximum due to iron deficiency. As name suggests, anemia due to inflammation is always associated with some other underlying health conditions including infections, inflammations, etc.

Anemia due to Inflammation Symptoms

Symptoms of anemia due to Inflammation are mostly suppressed by the symptoms of the other underlying disease of your body. That is why, it is in general difficult to differentiate the anemia due to inflammation from anemia due to other reasons. A simple MCV blood test low level can not conclude if one has anemia due to inflammation. For this reason clinical laboratory diagnosis is necessary. There are many tests needed according to the possible diagnosed reason to determine the exact reason of Anemia due to Inflammation.

Anemia due to inflammation common reasons

There are some most common reasons that are associated with anemia of inflammation.


There are many infection that causes anemia. Most of these infections are easily treatable and when the main condition is treated, this anemia due to the specific infection is also get cured.

  1. Tuberculosis : Tuberculosis (also known as TB) is a diseases that is caused by a bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. There are many reasons that may cause TB. Whatever the cause of TB can be, but TB certainly invites anemia. This is a cause of Anemia due to inflammation.
  2. Malaria : It is a disease caused by female Anopheles mosquito. Malaria is the most common disease, usually seen in asian countries. The most common feature of Malaria is the shivering fever. Most malaria patients complaint about anemia. So certainly, malaria is a cause of anemia due to inflammation.
  3. Osteomyelitis : It is a condition where the infection is in the bone. There are two situations that may cause osteomyelitis. When there is an injury that exposes bone to germs then the osteomyelitis occur. Otherwise many times, infections in bones, organs may spread to the near most bones, even bones get the infection through bloodstreams. In osteomyelitis anemia due to infection occurs.
  4. Chronic Abscesses : Chronic abscesses is a condition when the infection is not controlled, as it is chronic so usually there is no pain. In a common term it is not a painful condition, but it creates anemia in body. This is an anemia due this chronic condition.
  5. Sepsis : Sepsis is an life threatening condition that needs immediate treatment. Sepsis leads to anemia of inflammation in body.
  6. AIDS/HIV : AIDS is a condition due to the virus named human immunodeficiency virus. When this virus enters in body and left untreated that can lead to AIDS. This HIV virus causes anemia due to inflammation that still persist in the AIDS condition.


There are many inflammation that are commonly associated with anemia due to inflammation. Some of the inflammation that causes anemia are

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis,
  2. other Rheumatologic disorders
  3. Inflammatory bowel diseases
  4. Systemic inflammatory response syndrome


Malignancy is commonly associated with anemia due to infection. But the reverse situation is not true. As we know, there are many reasons of anemia due to inflammation. Bur certainly malignancy invites anemia. Some of such malignant situation are

  • Carcinomas
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Lymphomas

Anemia in old age

This is the most common cause of anemia due to inflammation. With the old age, anemia appears and this is treatable.


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