Covid symptoms even after Vaccination?

Take covid vaccine as soon as you can. We recommend to take the vaccine early as covid 19 vaccine will ensure your safety with no fatal outcome. Vaccinated people when get covid symptoms after vaccination, that is fairly ok. The risk factors are not concern but always it is best to take extra measures.

So are you one who is getting covid symptoms even after vaccination? Many people worldwide are suffering covid 19 even after they are fully vaccinated.

Be it another wave or the Omicron variant effect, taking extra measures are always best. So how to stay safe?

Since the covid 19 vaccination started worldwide, widely people are getting shots of covid 19 vaccine. But what if even you are fully or partially vaccinated and you have covid positive symptoms?

As on 25th November, 2021, according to the data of Our World in Data, 53.5% of the world population has received at least one does of a covid 19 vaccine whereas 3.32 billion (~42.6%) population worldwide are fully vaccinated.

Vaccinating a large population is overall a good relief as gradually people now can get back to their normal lives.

No Covid 19 Vaccine is 100% Safe!

It is important to note, covid 19 vaccination is a must to prevent coronavirus as we mentioned in our various articles. Covid vaccines will prevent the severity of covid 19. But technically every vaccine has some limitations. Apparently any vaccine goes through different long trials for at least a period of 2 to 3 years and only then it is marked as 100% safe.

Obviously, it is not the case for covid 19 vaccines. That is why all the covid 19 vaccines got only the emergency approval for use. The long-term results are yet to come.  

As said irrespective of the different types of covid 19 vaccines, every vaccine has certain limitations. The efficiency of every vaccine is concluded in general basis.

The efficiency and effectiveness of covid 19 vaccine varies in personal level, because the efficiency of any vaccine depends on the body immunity of the individual. Certainly, when taking the shots of covid 19 vaccine, we suggest to follow these 7 steps to follow during your vaccination, it will ensure that you get the maximum immunity against covid.

People who just finished vaccination

If you are partially vaccinated then you really need to take extra precautions so that you do not get the coronavirus, because for two dose covid vaccines, first dose gives only 30% immunity. Even after taking the final vaccination shot(s) your body takes almost 20 days to build that immunity. So, before that time period one should behave like non vaccinated people maintaining all the covid protocols.

What if one gets covid symptoms even after vaccination?

Normally it is said that when 60% of the population is completely vaccinated, there is no risk of further pandemic spread. But in case of coronavirus, different mutant strains are appearing with a fear of covid 19 third wave, covid 19 fourth wave, etc.

There is no clear official data about the after vaccination covid cases, so it is difficult to conclude if it may become fatal or not. Here it is important to note, mostly vaccines give protection shield over the virus attack.

It is said that when people are fully vaccinated, majorly they are safe, but for covid 19 or coronavirus it is yet to prove. So we suggest to take precautions when you have covid symptoms even if you are fully vaccinated. There is a very little chance that it could be fatal. So how to prevent it from being fatal?

  • In everyday diet include cumin, coriander and turmeric in all small and large meals. Also eat garlic in any one meal everyday. This is essential to keep you more safe against all variants.
  • First check what are the symptoms. Intensity of the covid symptoms matters most. Especially for people with pre-existing medical conditions or even for elders.

If one gets fever, covid headache, moderate coughing, it is better to stay alert. These symptoms are easy to treat with simple home remedies. It is best to treat these symptoms immediately so that it stays within limit.

  • Drink Kadha as recommended by us. This is the super immunity booster against covid 19. If you have very high fever then avoid it because it increases the body temperature.
  • Drink lots of water. This helps to reduce the virus load in the body.
  • If you have congestion, it is best treating the chest cold with chest cold home remedies. Avoid all types of cold things. Instead drink hot or lukewarm water for the whole day. It will give relief to your cough and congestion.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Avoid any types of frozen foods. Eat freshly prepared food with more liquid content. Warm soups, lukewarm milk, etc. helps.
  • Due to the coronavirus, your body is tired and it really needs good rest. Take enough time to take rest. Try to sleep more than usual. It will help to cure faster.
  • Stay happy. Happiness is very much needed during this time. So no anxiety or sadness. It is important to stay calm and peaceful from inside! Positivity is always a healer for body. Listen good music that will keep you positive, read good books. The time will pass very soon and you will find yourself fit early.
  • If you have covid 19 symptoms but do not have fever, then take the exposure of early sunlight for 10 minutes. This helps to remove toxicity from body, improves blood circulation in body.

If one has mild symptoms like the covid rashes, mild fever, weakness, fatigue, etc. then it is not really a point of concern. Some factors can play a vital role in covid 19 recovery including

  • Age- Age is a vital factor of covid vaccine efficiency, as with older age the body immunity naturally becomes poor. So the people above 65 years of age are comparatively at more risk. Similarly for children, risk factor is higher. If your child is already vaccinated, then only taking the above measures will be enough. Covid 19 rashes in children makes child more restless, so take good care.
  • Diseases- People who already have any persisting diseases that compromise the immune system like Diabetes, Cancer, etc. are more prone to have fatal outcome. These people are at more risk and need extra care.
  • Underlying Medical Conditions- Certainly people with other underlying medical conditions are also in danger. So when they get covid 19, it can turn to serious outcomes.

It is always best to take the preventive measures. Especially when one somehow gets the high exposure, also needless to mention if you are suspecting to have covid positive, isolation is the best way to prevent further spread. The preventive measures as mentioned above are good enough to cure early without any complications. But still if you face any severity, it is best to immediately consult with the doctor. Stay healthy and happy.


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