To Do List During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Pregnancy is itself such a news that changes every woman drastically. With all of a sudden change, you become more responsible. You become more conscious about what to do, what not to etc., you try to adopt more good habits. You start to follow lot more things for the well being of the baby. Here we listed five basic must to follow things during pregnancy that are important to follow for the well being of both the mother and the baby. This to do list will help your baby safe in your womb, will bring your baby smoothly in earth.

Healthy Pregnancy

When you first come to know that you are pregnant, there are lots of emotions you go through within you. Not really these are some temporary feelings. For next few months, you will go through the roller coaster ride of different emotions, feelings.

Certainly, be a mother is the most priceless feeling ever, that has no words to express. But trust us, the pregnancy time before the actual motherhood is not anyhow less than that. For all other people around you, your pregnancy is a good news; but for the going to be parents, especially for the mother this pregnancy time is a journey itself. To make the whole experience smooth and better, here is a list of five basic to do list. This must do list will ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Healthy Lifestyle

The most important part of this time is the overall lifestyle that impacts our pregnancy. You will be surprised to know that a major reason of miscarriage is still the lifestyle mistakes. Do not get afraid, because it is really easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. We listed all the necessary lifestyle factors that affects you and your baby directly during pregnancy time.

Follow the medical regime

When you already know you are pregnant it is important that you ensure the safety of both you and your baby. So as a normal routine follow all the medical regimen. Do all the mandatory basic tests like hemoglobin test (to check iron deficiency anemia), PP blood sugar test, etc. as prescribed by your doctor.

Take all the essential vaccines including the covid 19 vaccine after consulting your doctor. If one mother has high blood pressure during pregnancy, it is best start the treatment of the high blood pressure of the pregnant woman as early as possible for safe pregnancy. Similarly with any other medical condition needs special medical attention this time.

Avoid all addictive products

From the very first day of your pregnancy your baby (the fetus) get everything just from you eat, drink or even inhale. All the addiction products that you used to take regularly or even occasionally is not allowed during pregnancy.

Mostly people mention the alcohol, smoking but the list is actually long. All types of addictive products including very common tobacco and related chewing products, amusement drugs, etc. When taken any of these product, hampers your baby 500% times more than it hampers you! Yes, and most importantly as the baby is in the growing stage, there is a chance of permanent damage of your baby.

If you are addictive to any of these products then suddenly drop out may worsen the situation. In such case speak to your doctor, your doctor will guide you.

The list surprisingly includes video games with high level of excitements. Yes, this time a massive level of excitement (even for the video game) is not good for the baby. Especially in the first two trimesters, the video games are prohibited.

Stay active

Many times after knowing about the pregnancy, women become less active. It is true that you need to take some extra rest. This is also true that, during pregnancy women feel a bit more tired and fatigue, but that is normal. This does not mean one needs to stay inactive for the whole day for all the pregnancy period.

If your doctor asked you to be in bed rest only then you should follow the bed rest rule. Else, consider the pregnancy as normal as possible. Stay active only with some extra care. Especially for the first 4 months, you should stay active, not overactive. Lead a normal active life just it was before your pregnancy, only avoid to be over active. Over activity means any type of weight lifting, running, jerking, jumping, etc. , this can cause miscarriage.

Scientifically it is proven that, the active life of pregnant mother makes the baby more active and healthy too. This also increases the chance of smooth normal delivery.

Exposure to sunlight

It is important that you expose yourself to sunlight during the whole period of pregnancy. The exposure of sunlight is vital for various reasons. We all know, sunlight gives us ample amount of vitamin D that are most important for bone growth and healthy muscle. But other than bone growth vitamin D has various other health benefits too.

Also, sunlight has numerous known and unknown health benefits. Sunlight helps to maintain your body fit and fine from inside. Sunlight kills bacteria, fungus so this helps to build a better immunity within your body. As the primary source of energy, sunlight helps you to stay energetic and reduces stress.

For people living in the near pole region, where one is not able to get enough sunlight, (like Northern part of USA, Sweden, Canada, etc.) it is best to get exposure of electric heater (that gives the reddish hue). Even bright white LED light exposure helps too.

Workout without weight a must

To get a smooth delivery in pregnancy it is best to keep your body active for first 6 months of pregnancy. Light and alternative workout are mostly advised if there is no complications. Yoga, a simple free hand exercise (under experienced trainer) or even a simple morning walk for 15 to 20 minutes really helps during pregnancy. It is always good to follow a workout routine.

Nowadays, yoga is a very popular practice during pregnancy. This really helps to maintain the overall health during pregnancy. In fact, both yoga and few other exercises are now used to do a painless normal delivery technique. In fact there was news that future queen consort of UK, Kate Middleton (also known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) used this same technique during pregnancy. You may even try out the pregnancy massage only from certified professionals.

Maintain a normal sex life

Sounds abnormal? Not really! You can maintain a sex life even after getting pregnant. Certainly, there are some restrictions as pressure on your belly is not allowed. But other than that, normal intercourse is absolutely fine.

Maintain the Time

As during pregnancy, women feel weak and sleepy, it is very important to maintain the routine. You should take rest and can sleep if you feel sleepy but maintaining a routine specially for eating and other activities are essential. The proper timing of all activities are the key to good pregnancy. As an example if you are feeling tired or sleepy, take rest but never delay in eating for sleep.

Try to avoid Electrical Gadgets

Although we know it is difficult to maintain, but still we will suggest to avoid all those regular electrical gadgets that emits radiation. So what comes under this list? Almost everything we use in our daily life- Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and even your Microwave Oven! If you unable to stop using them completely, try to reduce the use.

All these devices release high frequency signals that are not good for the fetus. Even, it is advised not to eat foods that are prepared or reheated in Microwave Oven during pregnancy.

As we are here to give you some solutions too. So alternatively you can either use laptop from a two feet distance or can use smart TV for the same purpose.

Good Food and Sleep


As already told many women feel sleepy and tired during pregnancy so it is best to take some extra rest. Every individual has a normal sleep pattern. You do not need to change that sleep pattern. Just try to sleep few extra hours if you can. Especially when you feel sleepy, because if needed your body will ask for sleep. So during this time no more sleep deprivation.


Drinking water and other liquid:

During this pregnancy time, drinking plenty of water is necessary. The water keeps the body hydrated so that body functions work properly. Many women face constipation during pregnancy time, drinking liquids in various forms help that too. One may even take fruit juice, coconut water, soups, etc. These are healthy, nutritious and keeps your body more energetic.

Balanced Diet:

Food takes a vital part during pregnancy. As your baby (fetus) gets food through you, so what you eat matters most. It is best to eat a healthy balanced diet everyday in every meal. Your each meal must contain all the six tastes, try to add as many color in your plate as possible. It is advised that eat some extra amount of milk, eggs, meat, etc.

It is also important to mention other than just as you can eat fruits uncooked (in raw form), similarly do not eat half cooked foods. Eat eggs, meat when it is properly cooked. In general fishes including sea fishes are advised to eat as those contain healthy fatty acids.

There are even some foods that are always advised to avoid during pregnancy because these foods may cause harm and even cause pregnancy termination! You should never eat Papaya, Pineapple and Grapes during pregnancy. Similarly, foods containing excess Vitamin A, fishes containing high mercury should be avoided. Avoid foods that can create allergy to you.

Hygienic Food:

It is very true that during pregnancy one feels for various foods, honestly all those foods are not even healthy! But as the going to be mothers become moody so they do weird things if not get that food. It is absolutely normal.

So this list includes from choco brownie to ice-cream to pizza to very local available street foods! It is a difficult time to resist one from not eating! So what is the solution? Eat everything you want to eat, just consider to check the quality of food and if the food is prepared hygienically. Maintaining hygiene was important from very old times, after covid19 pandemic it got an extra importance.


It is vital to take all the health supplements and micro nutrients in the form of tables, capsules right? Wait! Do not decide it by your own, please. Take health supplements including health drinks, multivitamin capsules, minerals, etc. only if doctor ask you to take. Why saying so? Because if you do not need them in your body, then this additional supplements can lead to danger..

Stay in Touch with Doctor

From the very beginning, it is important that you keep in touch with the doctor. It is always needed that you go for prenatal checkups time to time. Only a certified health professional can guide you properly. With all the tests and follow ups you ensure the good health for both of you and your baby.

Follow instructions of health experts strictly. You should not delay of taking recommended vaccines, medicines and injections. It is always best practice to keep in touch with doctor during the whole pregnancy time.

Work Life Balance

It will be best that from this pregnancy time you learn to balance the work life and personal life. It is a must for working women. There is no more late nights during pregnancy! For women who are not working, this condition is equally applicable. Do only the light house works you used to do. Pregnant women who are already mothers need to manage those children tasks too! So maintain a balance.

Healthy Mind

Maintaining a healthy mind during pregnancy is essential. During pregnancy, naturally you face lots of different emotional phases, also there are various hormonal causes that gives emotional ups and downs. Many times pregnancy gives stress, depression or even sadness! It is very normal. So maintaining a healthy mind is necessary and it is not that difficult to achieve! Listening music, watching favorite shows, reading, etc. can help.

Be happy

Stay happy. Because only a happy mother can give birth of a happy child. Do not forget, during the whole pregnancy your baby is connected to you through chord, as a result the baby gets the same vibe as of you. So try to stay calm and peaceful from inside. Any kind of stress, anxiety or depression can impact your baby too. For this reason it is advised to the working women not to take stress, much work pressure.

Overcome fear

If you have fear, try to overcome the fear. Because as study shows when the mother is in fear the baby within womb feels insecure! It is not that difficult to overcome all the emotional stresses including fear. Read more, pursue your hobby so that you will feel better.

Enjoy the process

This is a time that comes very few times in life, so enjoy the process. This is a lifetime experience. You will found later the time just flew away.

Love yourself

Loving only the coming member is not enough; love the mother too! I know you are thinking how to do that. People around you pamper you, care for you, but do you? From inside express the love for the mother too. It is time to give attention to yourself. Love yourself, accept yourself as you are..


As already told this pregnancy time is itself a journey that you come across as a pregnant woman. So enjoy each moments, because these moments are priceless. Happy pregnancy. We pray good health for both the mother and the baby. As it is said, the moment you become a mother is the most precious moment. We wish you all the very best for those upcoming beautiful moment. Stay healthy and happy.

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