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Chest Acne : 14 proven home remedies you must try

Acne is a very common skin issue many of us face in our daily life. But Chest Acne is the most annoying issue we face mainly in summer days. Best news is there are several home remedies that can give you relief from chest acne. In next summer maybe you will be able to get rid off chest acne!

chest acne home remedies
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Chest acne home remedies

We picked up 14 home remedies of chest acne that are easy to follow with very readily available ingredients. Most of these home remedies of chest acne are possible to follow with minimum time spent.

Without spending money on chest acne products, you can get better results from these home remedies as these are natural ingredients and has no harmful chemicals.

Home remedies to prevent chest acne :

There are few ways which you may follow before pimples develop in chest acne. These simple steps in regular life will help you to prevent chest acne to develop. Beside that following these home remedies, your chest acne issue will be less frequent than before. Many times, with these home remedies chest acne will disappear permanently.

Take Regular Shower –

Studies show that people who shower regularly are less prone to develop not only chest acne but other skin problems. Showering removes bacteria, dirt, dead cells, oil, etc. which normally blocks the pore and promotes inflammation. So chest acne develops. Showering regularly is very important.

Exfoliate your skin once a week –

Our skin cells become dead after a certain time of period, so it comes out to the surface of the skin and new skin cells develop. Sometimes all dead skin cells don’t shed on their own. They clog the pores and cause acne.

So you can remove your dead skin cells by exfoliation so they don’t block the pores, so chances of getting acne including chest acne will be reduced. You will feel that the skin becomes smoother. But don’t try to do exfoliation more than once a week because then it may give you adverse results.

Wear Loose Clothing –

Try to wear comfortable loose clothing, so that naturally air can flow. Generally if you have severe chest acne issues then cotton clothing are recommended. Because being a natural fabric, cotton is non-irritating to the skin. So it helps to heal the chest acne area. Loose clothing helps to pass air, it is comforting to the skin too.

Stay Hydrated –

Water helps to flush out toxins. So drink water a bit more. Drinking approximately eight glasses of water per day helps to reduce chest acne issues.

Home remedies to treat chest acne :

Tea Tree Oil –

Tea tree oil is useful in treating acne including chest acne like other conditions. 5% of tree tea oil gives a good result as 5% benzoyl peroxide. But tree tea oil can give results slowly than other medications.

Cinnamon and Honey –

Cinnamon has antimicrobial property and raw honey is also antibacterial. So when they are combined to use, they reduce inflammation and ultimately chest acne. You can use it weekly or as needed.

How to prepare the mix? Take some cinnamon and make powder. Now take an exactly double amount of raw honey and mix the two ingredients until a paste is formed. Then carefully apply this paste all over your chest acne region. Wait for 30 minutes and then rinse it off.

Fresh Aloe Vera Gel –

Aloe Vera gel helps to dry out acne fast as it contains anthraquinones and flavonoids. So it boosts the process of healing and helps to soothe the pain, itchiness, redness due to acne.

But keep in mind, you need to apply freshly extracted Aloe Vera Gel to the affected chest acne region. Yes, instantly extract gel from aloe vera leaf and then immediately apply to the region of chest acne. Now gently rub the gel for few minutes and let it dry naturally. Within 7 minutes it will dry. Follow this twice or thrice daily until your chest acne heals completely.

Bentonite Clay Remedy –

Usually bentonite clay helps to remove skin impurities and make it fresh and clean. It also absorbs sebum and excess oil from the skin, so it reduces the clogging of pores.

Put an equal amount of bentonite clay and ground oatmeal and mix into a bowl. Then add water to it and mix to make it a paste. Apply this paste to your acne region. Let it dry and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Follow this process one to two times a week.

Oatmeal –

Oatmeal is very helpful to exfoliate the skin and also to clean the pores of the skin. It also takes out excess oil from your skin. Oatmeal helps to lower pain and swelling due to acne.

Boil one cup of oatmeal with plain water at first and when cooked, then let it cool down. After the oat is cooled, add half of a lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey to this boiled oatmeal. Then mix it well to form the paste. Then apply this paste on your chest acne region and remove it after 30 minutes with lukewarm water. Follow this process once daily.

Turmeric –

Turmeric has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, so useful for acne. It reduces inflammation due to acne.

Take some milk, add half the quantity of turmeric powder and half the quantity of honey to it. Mix well. Then apply this mixture to the acne region. Let it to be dry and then use lukewarm water to remove it.  You have to prepare freshly and apply twice or thrice weekly till not cured.

Apple Cider Vinegar –

Apple cider vinegar contains alpha hydroxy acid so that it removes clogging of skin pores, it also dissolves dead skin cells. So it helps fast to dry out the acne. For the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties apple cider vinegar helps to treat acne.

Mix one tablespoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, two tablespoons of cooled green tea, one tablespoon of raw honey, five tablespoons of sugar. Then apply this mixture to your acne region. Rinse it after 10-12 minutes. Follow this remedy one time a week.

Alternatively, dilute a part of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with two parts of water. Take a cotton ball and soak it in this solution. Then apply this soaked cotton ball over your acne region. After 30 minutes rinse the area with lukewarm water. You can use this remedy twice daily.

Toothpaste –

It is a popular remedy for acne treatment. It has antibacterial property, so helps to eliminate the bacteria, also it can dry out acne that is due to over-productive oil glands.

Take some white toothpaste and then apply it to your acne region. Leave it for the night and wash it in the next morning with cold water. Repeat it every day until the chest acne dries out.

Here it is important to note that use true white toothpaste, not a gel because gel may irritate your skin. Also, try to use natural or organic toothpaste if possible.

Avoid toothpaste that has specific whitening properties as it may be too harsh. Apply a small amount to the acne region, leave it overnight and rinse in the morning. The toothpaste ingredients make the acne region dehydrated and remove oil and dirt from that region.

Remember to use toothpaste in that acne region where the outer layer of the skin is intact. Use a small amount of toothpaste and directly apply it over the acne, not the surrounding skin. Care should be taken not to irritate the skin.

Do not use toothpaste as a home remedy more than one night at a time. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from more serious acne, then first apply it to single pimple and wait for few minutes. If no adverse reaction occurs, then use it in other acne. Do not use toothpaste or stop using toothpaste if you experience any discomfort or other unpleasant side effects.

This toothpaste home remedy is not for everyone, it is best suited for a small outbreak of chest acne, not for the major one. It is not suitable for quick-fix acne treatment.

Baking soda –

Baking soda helps to remove dead skin cells as it is an exfoliating agent, so makes the skin clean, smooth, and bright. It also has anti-inflammatory property, so lowers the inflammation due to acne.

Add some water in one tablespoon of baking soda and mix them to make a smooth paste. Then apply it to your acne region. After 10 minutes, rinse it off using cool water. Use this remedy once a day.

Lemon Juice –

Lemon juice has antibacterial property, so it fights with the bacteria causing chest acne. Lemon juice also consists of L-ascorbic acid which is a natural astringent. It helps to dry out acne.

Cut a lemon in half. Gently rub it in your acne area. Let the lemon juice stay on your skin for 30 minutes. Then wash it with cool water. You can use this remedy once daily.

Takeaway :

Chest acne is very common problem in the general population. It is as troublesome as acne in other parts of the body. There are various causes of acne and risk factors that increase the chances of chest acne.

All the above home remedies are easy to treat chest acne. For all the first few home remedies like loose clothing, regular bathing – these are lifestyle modifications that are initially difficult to continue but once adopted it can remove the chest acne problem permanently.

Also for chest acne home remedies follow-up is very important until acne heals completely. If your chest acne is severe or if you experience home remedies not improving the condition then try the medications for chest acne.

Acne worsening with time needs doctor’s supervision. Do not try the home remedy blindly if you are not sure whether it is chest acne or not. Stay safe and healthy.

If you have any further questions about chest acne, feel free to ask in the our social pages.

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